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Best Novice Ski Hills at Whistler

Ski Hills at Whistler

Booking your Whistler condo rental early will be important to ensure you get the best accommodation for your skiing holiday, but what about the hills? There are so many amazing hills and mountain ranges to test out when you go skiing that it can be difficult to know which are for you. Of course, you could end up choosing whatever hill to go skiing on but you could have a serious accident. So, what are the best novice ski hills at Whistler?

What Is Your Level?

To be honest, if you are just starting out skiing, then you really do need to stick to the beginner and novice ski hills. You may want to try out the more advanced hills but that could be dangerous for you especially if you don’t have skiing skills yet. However, if you are experienced then you can basically choose whatever hills. Then again, novices, really need to start at the very bottom even though it might not sound too challenging, it can be in fact very especially when you are just starting out!

Whistlers Mid-Mountain

Beginners and novices must start with Whistlers Mid-Mountain section because it’s less dangerous and more suited to those just starting out. Of course, it’s going to be something that more and more people enjoy when they are starting out. The mid mountain range can still be very challenging but it’s a safer place to start for those who are starting out. Whistler Premier also offers some of the nicest accommodation in Whistler Village too.

Ego Bowl

Now, Ego Bowl is a smaller ski hill range which is going to be perfect for novices. It provides new skiers with a lot of challenges but it also presents the skier the perfect opportunity to go out and test their skills and what they know after a few skiing practices. It’s one of the better places to start for novices because you can get your bearings here and learn a few things or two also! The Whistler condo rental options aren’t too far away from here and there are plenty of lifts to take you to where you want to go also.

Lower Whiskey Jack

This is a good choice to consider and it offers a lot of option to test out your skills. Of course, for those who really don’t know much about skiing, this is going to have a lot of soft snow to fall back on should you have a tumble or two! It is a good novice’s choice and it’s suitable for most beginners. Lower Whiskey Jack is a superb ski hill and you can see lots of amazing scenery here too.

Ski Hills at Whistler

Enjoy Choosing

There are lots to choose from, and not just Ego Bowl or Lower Whiskey Jack; depending on your novice skills, you could choose Pig Alley or Upper Whiskey Jack. There are many great places to start skiing in Whistler and for any new skier; they will love what the mountain range has to offer. Remember to book your Whistler condo rental accommodation early before the peak season rush.

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