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Best Travel Tips

So you have booked into your accommodation, for example some Deer Valley condo rentals or Park City vacation rentals, but are now worrying about the travel and are in need of some tips that will hopefully see you through your trip? You have come to the right place, as this article will give you some of the most important travel tips that will help your trip run smoothly. Some of them are common knowledge; however a bit of common sense is the basis of making sure your trip is ok, as so many problems arise when people act without common sense.


This may seem simple; however so many people are caught out by this problem. All you have to do is watch any airport based television show and there will more than likely be a passenger who has ‘misplaced’ their passport. Keep your passport safe! From the moment you leave your house until you get to your Deer Valley condo rental, make sure you know where it is. Whilst at your accommodation make sure you know where it is as well. Yep, you’ve guessed it; make sure you know where it is on the way back to your home as well! Keeping your passport safe is vital, however is easier said than done.


Similar to your passport, keep your money safe. Whether you opt for a money belt, or keep it locked up in a safe in your Deer Valley condo rental, losing your money can bring a dark cloud over your vacation. Also, before you go decide how you are going to transport money, whether you are taking a credit card to pay for everything, taking actual money, or maybe even taking a travel card. Another thing you should do is make sure that you have worked out a budget. There isn’t much point in turning up, heading to a five-star restaurant and blowing all your money, leaving you to cry in your hotel room for the next two weeks as your friend goes out having fun.

Flight Information and Transfers

Make sure you know your flight information! At the very least have it written down and keep it somewhere easily accessible. Missing a flight can be disastrous to a trip, so make sure you know all the timing for your boarding and account for passing through security as well (this can take a while). You do not want to be turning up late to your flight, especially if you have a connection to make. Whilst some airlines may put you on other flight, it is an unnecessary worry that will pollute your vacation.


The last tip is a simple one: have fun! You can get too bogged down with worrying about what can go wrong on the trip that forget what can go right. You are on a vacation, and any travel is going to be more dangerous than staying in your bedroom with the curtains drawn. But this is why we travel, to experience other places and partake in things we can’t get in our lounge. Remember to enjoy yourself!

Obviously there are other tips you should consider, but the most important one is to enjoy it. Hopefully now you can turn up at your Deer Valley condo rentals with a smile on your face and not a worry in the world.

Longest Ski Hills in Canada

Ski Hills in Canada

There are so many amazing ski resorts to choose from including Mont Tremblant and Le Massif but they are only a few options to consider today. However, for many adventurous skiers, they are looking for the longest ski hills in order to give themselves a big challenge. It isn’t difficult to find the very biggest and best ski hills today. However, what are the longest ski hills in Canada?learn more here!

Lake Louise

Situated in Banff, Lake Louise is one of the most beautiful ski resorts to visit. Lake Louise has one of the longest ski hills which stand at 8.1 KM; it is quite popular with beginners and advanced skiers and it’s a great choice to consider too. Many visitors love what the resort has to offer and of course, having one of the longest ski hills ensures it’s a vastly popular option like Mont Tremblant, Horseshoe and Hidden Valley.

Kicking Horse

This is such a beautiful resort and found in British Columbia too. Kicking Horse has become a firm favorite and it does have one of the longest ski hills in Canada too which sits at 10 KM. It’s going to be one of the most popular ski hills and more and more people are flocking to Kicking Horse resort every year. Mont Tremblant is beautiful and so if Kicking Horse; most people love both and Kicking Horse does offer this amazing skiing potential.

Whistler Blackcomb

This is a very popular mountain range and it does have one of the longest ski hills in Canada. Standing at 11 KM, the Whistler Blackcomb ski hill is very popular. It offers so much beauty and there is plenty to see and do. This hill is in fact situated in British Columbia and it’s just this beautiful resort to visit. For any expert or novice skier, they are going to love what they find at Whistler Blackcomb and it’s a firm favorite for most experts. Whistler Blackcomb is such a fantastic little resort to visit.

Revelstoke Mountain

Revelstoke has in fact the longest skill hill in Canada as it stands at a massive 15.3 KM run which is amazing. All ski hills are great of course but the 15.3 KM hill is just fantastic and it must be one of the very best ever in the world. This does come with a lot of challenges however but for the most part, every skier is going to enjoy what the resort and ski hill has to offer. There is plenty of fire and plenty of amazing force to be reckoned with too. Like most places such as the Jackson Hole condo rentals, the accommodation in Revelstoke does go quickly.

Ski Hills in Canada

Getting More for Your Skis!

For any skier, these four mountain ranges are going to offer so much potential whether you want the longest ski hills or the shortest. They are lovely resorts to choose from and they all offer something different and unique. Of course, there are so many amazing ski hills to choose from, these offer some of the longest runs however. Enjoy and choose your Jackson Hole condo rentals or wherever you are heading to this year, early!checkout

Top 3 Elevated Ski Hills in Canada

Elevated Ski Hills

Whistler, Mont Tremblant, Le Massif – they are only some of the most beautiful but challenging skiing resorts to consider. Most ski resort offers something unique to the rest; there is always something that helps to make the resort stand out and it’s not difficult to see why many of the Canadian resorts are popular. There is lots of amazing ski resorts to admire and for the most part, everyone loves what the ski resorts have to offer. What are the top 3 elevated ski hills in Canada to choose from?

Whistler Blackcomb

The mountain range of Whistler Blackcomb is vast and very impressive. It has become a very popular ski area and it isn’t difficult to see why; there are so many amazing trails and terrain parks to enjoy. However, Whistler Blackcomb also has one of the highest or most elevated ski hills in Canada too. In Blackcomb, the elevated drop here is spectacular and is must be one of the top elevated throughout North America too. This is one to enjoy however but remember the Whistler condo rental accommodations can go quickly so book fast.

Mont Tremblant

This is one of the most popular ski resorts to choose from in Canada today. However, Mont Tremblant is such a lovely place to go skiing and it also has one of the top 3 elevated ski hills in Canada also. For this reason, the mountain range ski resort has become a very popular choice. It isn’t difficult to see why and there is so much that the resort has to offer whether it’s simple skiing options or beautiful scenery.

Sun Peaks

This is another beautiful resort and it does have some of the highest elevated ski hills in Canada too. For any skier, they are going to love to choose Sun Peaks because it has so many beautiful sights along with a lot of skiing possibilities too. However, the ski resort does have a lot to admire and there is plenty to sit back and enjoy too. For most people, they are going to enjoy the high slopes and impressive ski options too. Of course, like the Whistler condo rental accommodations, the Sun Peaks accommodations do go quite quickly too so you have to be quick to get into a lovely hotel.see latest updates here!

Endless Choice

To be honest, there are so many amazing ski resorts and ski hills to test out while vacationing in Canada. There are some which are very high and very elevates while others are a lot lower but they are all really nice and lovely to try. The elevated ski hills in Canada are all lovely while you are going to Mont Tremblant, Sun Peaks or Whistler Blackcomb.

Elevated Ski Hills

Find the Best

You have a lot of great choices to consider when it comes to skiing but you should always choose the very best. The above are just a few of the most elevated ski hills in Canada and they are all super. You are going to enjoy each and every one of these skiing resorts and hills because they offer something unique and impressive. Enjoy whether it’s Sun Peaks, Whistler or Mont Tremblant.

Best Novice Ski Hills at Whistler

Ski Hills at Whistler

Booking your Whistler condo rental early will be important to ensure you get the best accommodation for your skiing holiday, but what about the hills? There are so many amazing hills and mountain ranges to test out when you go skiing that it can be difficult to know which are for you. Of course, you could end up choosing whatever hill to go skiing on but you could have a serious accident. So, what are the best novice ski hills at Whistler?

What Is Your Level?

To be honest, if you are just starting out skiing, then you really do need to stick to the beginner and novice ski hills. You may want to try out the more advanced hills but that could be dangerous for you especially if you don’t have skiing skills yet. However, if you are experienced then you can basically choose whatever hills. Then again, novices, really need to start at the very bottom even though it might not sound too challenging, it can be in fact very especially when you are just starting out!

Whistlers Mid-Mountain

Beginners and novices must start with Whistlers Mid-Mountain section because it’s less dangerous and more suited to those just starting out. Of course, it’s going to be something that more and more people enjoy when they are starting out. The mid mountain range can still be very challenging but it’s a safer place to start for those who are starting out. Whistler Premier also offers some of the nicest accommodation in Whistler Village too.

Ego Bowl

Now, Ego Bowl is a smaller ski hill range which is going to be perfect for novices. It provides new skiers with a lot of challenges but it also presents the skier the perfect opportunity to go out and test their skills and what they know after a few skiing practices. It’s one of the better places to start for novices because you can get your bearings here and learn a few things or two also! The Whistler condo rental options aren’t too far away from here and there are plenty of lifts to take you to where you want to go also.

Lower Whiskey Jack

This is a good choice to consider and it offers a lot of option to test out your skills. Of course, for those who really don’t know much about skiing, this is going to have a lot of soft snow to fall back on should you have a tumble or two! It is a good novice’s choice and it’s suitable for most beginners. Lower Whiskey Jack is a superb ski hill and you can see lots of amazing scenery here too.

Ski Hills at Whistler

Enjoy Choosing

There are lots to choose from, and not just Ego Bowl or Lower Whiskey Jack; depending on your novice skills, you could choose Pig Alley or Upper Whiskey Jack. There are many great places to start skiing in Whistler and for any new skier; they will love what the mountain range has to offer. Remember to book your Whistler condo rental accommodation early before the peak season rush.

10 Of the Best Ski Resorts That Have a Fitness Centre

Best Ski Resorts

Mont Tremblant is such a beautiful little ski resort to visit but that isn’t the only beautiful ski resort to choose from. There are so many beautiful resorts to choose from and for the most part, they offer something for everyone. What is more, for those who absolutely love to ski and work on their fitness, they will love the endless ski resorts Canada has to offer. What are 10 of the best ski resorts that have a fitness centre?


Nova Scotia is such a beautiful place to visit; it has everything a person would want and more. There are a lot of different things going on here and for those who love to ski as well as those who don’t, will enjoy what the resort has to offer. It’s very impressive and the scenery and views from here are going to be massive and great too. It’s similar to Mont Tremblant, it’s very beautiful.

Fernie Resort

Situated in British Columbia, Fernie is such a gorgeous ski resort to choose from. There is plenty for all ski lovers to choose from and there is a great fitness centre there. For those who don’t love skiing, there is a great special fitness program to choose from that really makes everyone feel a part of the resort. However, like the Jackson Hole condo rentals, the accommodations go quickly so you need to be fairly quick to book this year.

The Blue Mountain Resort

Situated in Collingwood Ontario, the Blue Mountain Resort offers something for everyone. This is a very popular mountain range for most skiers but there are a lot of activities for those who don’t like to ski. There are some fantastic toboggan tours to enjoy and there are some good ski programs too. Of course, the condos go quickly like Jackson Hole condo rentals but if you book early enough, it shouldn’t be too much of a problem.

Sun Peaks

There is an aqua fitness centre here in which anyone can take up their endless programs; however, it is quite a fun base for anyone on vacation. Sun Peaks is found in British Columbia and it does have so much to offer. Skiers love this resort but so do non skiers too because there are so many things to get involved in. Like the Jackson Hole condo rentals, things book up quickly in Sun Peas so hurry in booking.see details from

Whistler Blackcomb

There are great programs here to work with for those who love to ski and those who want to do other things. Like Mont Tremblant, there are so many things to see and do here. Combining the Whistler and Blackcomb mountain ranges, the resort has so much to offer. It’s a perfect little resort to consider visiting today.

Lake Louise

This is found within the heart of the Rockies and its just one amazing place to visit. Ski lovers absolutely adore Lake Louise but so do those who don’t necessarily love skiing. There is a great fitness centre where people can go ice skating and there are lots of other things to do like trekking, dog sledding and many more. Mont Tremblant is beautiful and so is Lake Louise.

Crabbe Mountain

Found in New Brunswick, Crabbe Mountain is a beautiful resort for ski lovers. There are plenty of different skiing packages as well as activities for those who don’t like to ski. There are some fitness programs available and there are some good centres to visit too. There is plenty of breathtaking scenery to enjoy however. Though, be warned, the accommodations go quickly like the Jackson Hole condo rentals.

Kicking Horse Resort

Kicking Horse is really a very impressive and blissful resort to choose from, especially for those who love skiing. However, for non skiers, there are still plenty of activities to consider. There are some great fitness programs here and a climbing gym too so there is certainly something for everyone. However, it’s a gorgeous little resort and like Mont Tremblant, is very popular throughout the year.

Mont Tremblant

Mount Tremblant or Mont Tremblant as its known locally is found in the beautiful province of Quebec and it has to be one of the very best ski resorts ever. There is a great fitness centre for those who don’t want to go skiing but there are also plenty of things to do for ski lovers too. Of course, there are some great Scandinavian baths to try out and it has endless beautiful scenery too.

Le Massif

Best Ski Resorts

Found in Quebec, Le Massif is quite a lovely ski resort that it’s one which is very popular with ski lovers and non ski lovers. The resort is such a beautiful place that everyone who visits truly loves what they get and there are plenty of things to see and do. Of course, like the Jackson Hole condo rentals, the accommodations can book up fast, so don’t delay in booking!

Find the Best Resort for Your Vacation

Whether you love skiing or are vacationing with people who don’t, you want to visit the resort that works for everyone. There are truly plenty of gorgeous resorts to consider and who would not love to try some of the resorts above? They are all lovely and so impressive. Le Massif, Whistler, Mont Tremblant, they are all lovely, so why not choose the one you love most?